This ain't yo momma's day spa!

What happens when two rock star massage therapists fall in love, and recklessly take a gamble to create their dream job?

The   answer   is   CBDBs, and this ain't your momma's day spa. We have eliminated the corporate sale pitches, the robot-like massages, and the worst music in the world. Take a chance like we did and try something different. We guarantee you'll be saying "OMFG......that's a good massage."

Massage studios come and go but there’s only one CBDBs. We promise every massage will be customized, personalized, and effin legendary. After hearing the soothing sounds of seagulls for 15 years, we’re throwing horrible spa music out the window and replacing it with whatever your heart desires. All of our products are infused with top of the line, laboratory tested CBD isolate. Next the healing and beneficial properties of cannabis   terpenes are slowly added into our massage   cream.  With   your   music   playing   in   your   customized   session,   your   muscles   and   stress   will   begin   to   melt   with the help of   over   a   1oo mg  of  topical CBD .     Welcome to the spa experience that you didn’t even know was possible. 


Head Change

You might be a first timer to this whole CBD thing or maybe you just don't have enough time to get massage melted in the middle of your day, so we offer just a quick little head change. This is a 30 minute session that will primarily be focused on one spot or just a quick fix for your whole body. You, as always, will get to pick which terpene infused CBD cream is calling your name and the tunes to suit your mood. 


30 minutes/$50 

The Full Spectrum

A 60 minute hands on massage done with our signature CBD massage cream with extracted cannabis terpenes. the terpenes are added Not just because pot effin smells great,  they have medicinal properties that are out of this world. And then we send you home with a lil sumpthin sumpthin so your spa day doesn’t have to end so abruptly. 

60 min, $110

Hazy and Lazy

We’re taking our massages to the next level by using Nano CBD isolate in our massage cream. And then we add extracted cannabis terpenes to our cream because terps have medicinal and beneficial properties. And because it effin smells good. For 90 minutes we will be listening to whatever you want, while you are receiving the best massage you’ve ever had in your life. With the help of our signature massage cream your muscles will just melt in our hands and you will be impatiently waiting until your next session at CBDBs. 

90 min $150

Sugar and Diamonds and Budders, oh my!

30minutes, $40

This ain't yo momma's Sugar Scrub! It's a 100mg CBD sugar scrub with a signature blend of essential oils and terpenes.This exfoliation treatment can be added on to any session. You know you wanna shine bright like a diamond. So treat yo self and bring out your saucy side.

Spaced Out At the Spa

Getting spaced out at the spa starts out the same as the Lazy and Hazy, but we close the massage down with a menthol and camphor infused salve loaded with double the concentration of cbd. 200 mg of broad spectrum nano cbd per ounce will embarrass those knots that tried to bogart your whole session.

120 min, $200


Does your brain hurt from being consistently reminded how stupid most members of society actually are? Did you take the gamble last Saturday night and not autograt your 10 top and they left you 10 bucks? Your body hurts, you know it, we know it. To everyone that busts that booty in the service industry so other people can enjoy their night out of asking you dumb rhetorical questions, we want to show our appreciation for you all. We will always offer a 90 minute custom massage session for a $120 for anyone that’s been in the thick of it. We have top notch, straight from the lab CBD infused into our massage cream that will be used in every session. So come relax, let's listen to some amazing music (guests choice of course unless it blows) and you'll get the best massage of your life. We guarantee that you won’t even remember the dishwasher walked out in the depths of the trenches last night, or that you’re pretty sure the kitchen was fucking up your order on purpose.

We're Maggs and Mikey the owners of CBDBs. Our first love was music, our first date was 6th row at TOOL, and it didn't come as a shock that we built our company around music as well. We wanted to pay homage to a little joint in New York City, CBGB OMFUG, that opened in 1973. CBGB changed music as we know it today. Their radical, outside-the-box thinking allowed a new genre of music to emerge. CBGB provided the bar, the stage, and the most famous bathroom in all of Rock and Roll and everything else organically fell into place. Out of CBGB came The Velvet Underground, Blondie, The Talking Heads, The Police, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, and The Ramones.

   The two of us want to rewrite the rules of what a day spa has to be. It doesn't have to be shitty music, phoned in massages, and pushy sales people. We think you deserve to be treated better and that bodywork should be individualized. We hope to share our love of music and massage therapy and we invite everyone to experience how our combined 30 years in the industry sets us apart from the rest. The results that our clients are achieving after just one session have been the most substantial either of us have seen in our entire careers. We attribute this to our revitalized passion for our work and the "magic" that is topical CBD. We span the entire spectrum of modalities and specialize in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue massage, Neuromuscular Trigger Point therapy, Sports massage, Craniosacral therapy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscal Facilitation, Active Isolated Stretching, Lymphatic Drainage, TMJ Disorders, Chronic Migraines, and Prenatal massage as well as teaching infant massage to parents.

We thank you for considering us and are certain you'll be thanking us after taking that leap of faith and coming to CBDBs. Maggs, Mikey, Kirra, Hofmann, and Colonel Forbin are eternally grateful to all the wonderful people in our lives who helped make this real.

At CBDBs no massage is phoned in. There’s intricate planning for every session to make sure you receive the best massage you have ever had. 

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